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Welcome to the latest edition of NR Times

Welcome to our latest edition of NR Times - something of a new era for us as a newly-digital magazine and we’re delighted to share it with you, after a lot of work from our team and from so many of our supporters in putting this together.

These are challenging times indeed - the cost of living crisis deepens and affects all of us in some way, businesses and individuals alike; we have lost our beloved Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, sending our country into mourning; and we have been through political turmoil with the change of Prime Minister.

For those working in neuro-rehab, while times are tough, the absolute commitment to clients and patients will continue as it always has. The past two years in particular have been hugely difficult, and the challenges continue, but the dedication and positivity we see and write about from those working in neuro-rehab is inspiring and thoroughly uplifting.

As a publication, we try and share some of these stories of hope, of inspiration and of the amazing work being done to change the future for others. Our cover story is one we are delighted to share with you. Actor Emilia Clarke has so bravely shared her experience of brain haemorrhage publicly, which has helped countless others to have the confidence to share their own feelings, and to find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

The work of her charity, SameYou, in making the positive change that will support other people and families to rebuild their lives after brain injury is fantastic - and in this issue we not only reflect on the pioneering work done to date, but also share news of the first-of-its-kind SameYou Centre.

We also shine a light on the experiences of fellow survivors who have overcome adversity to inspire others - having come close to death after stroke, Lisa Beaumont is now achieving new goals through becoming an advisor to some of the leading tech innovators in neuro-rehab. We also have Cathy, who, with the support of specialist therapy, has gone from being confined to her home to travelling the world on her own.

We also have a wealth of content from across neuro-rehab showing the progress we continue to make together - and as the ABI Strategy draws ever closer, we also take the opportunity to look at what the sector hopes to see.

This is our first issue of NR Times where we are circulating digitally only. While this is a big change for us, we have worked so hard to create a compelling digital magazine which we hope you will see is still every bit the NR Times you have come to know over the past five years - but now in a more progressive and sustainable format. Special thanks to our designer Sophie who has worked tirelessly on this project.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new digital format, as well as to hear your stories, so please continue to get in touch via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or give us a call anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

Deborah Johnson

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