Announcing the winners of
the NR Times Awards 2023

The first-ever NR Times Awards attracted scores of entries from individuals, teams and organisations around the world, from those united by one common goal - changing lives and futures for those affected by neurological injury or illness. 

With judges hailing the response to the inaugural awards as “phenomenal”, each of the 12 categories received significant numbers of nominations - 11 of which were decided by a judging panel, and one solely on public votes. 

The extensive shortlists were reflective of the very high quality of the submissions, which were the basis for the judging process. Judges were asked to set aside any knowledge beyond what was in the nomination, and decide on the basis of what each entrant had presented. 

The NR Times Awards - sponsored by Elysium Healthcare - were created to recognise and celebrate outstanding practice across the field of neuro-rehab, and to shine a light on the dedication and commitment from so many professionals in delivering truly life-changing outcomes for patients. 

Eleven categories were judged by our independent expert panel, with the sponsor of each award also joining the panel for their specific category. 

The panel - within which anyone with a conflict of interest in a category was exempt - were:

  • John Davis, nationally-renowned neurotrauma specialist lawyer marking 40 years in the profession, and consultant principal lawyer at Slater and Gordon
  • Luke Griggs, chief executive of Headway
  • Chloe Hayward, executive director of UKABIF

The Rehab Leader of the Year Award was chosen by votes, which came in droves from across the world across the five-week voting period for the 13-strong shortlist. 

The winners - as well as a number of highly commended and commended finalists - were revealed in an online awards ceremony, attended by all of the shortlisted entrants alongside the judges. 

Deborah Johnson, editor of NR Times, said: “Being able to share the stories of so many people and organisations in the world of neuro-rehab through writing for NR Times is a great privilege, and often my colleagues and I are left in awe by those we speak to. 

“The inspirational and amazing stories of dedication, selflessness, courage and achievement are too many to begin to recount - but that was the basis of the concept of the NR Times Awards; to shine a light on some of the amazing work and outstanding practice that makes such a difference to the lives and futures of so many survivors and whole families. 

“Our first-ever NR Times Awards has been absolutely fantastic, and that is due to the incredible response and levels of support we have had in creating such a success.

“Thank you to everyone who entered for their submissions; to our judges for spending so much time analysing the many entries and giving such thoughtful insight; and to our sponsors, without whom the NR Times Awards wouldn’t have been possible. 

“It was an absolute pleasure to announce our winners in the ceremony, and to acknowledge outstanding practice with ‘highly commended’ or ‘commended’ commendations, and we are very pleased to announce them more widely here. 

“Congratulations to everyone who won and was shortlisted - your work is truly helping to change lives and give hope, and that is something beyond any measure.”

Elysium Healthcare said they are “delighted to sponsor the inaugural NR Times Awards in 2023.

“The publication has been a fabulous platform for a wide range of neurological content, leading edge analysis and bringing human stories to life to give others hope for the future.”


Winner - Stewarts

Highly commended - Irwin Mitchell

Commended - RWK Goodman

Shortlisted - Lavelle Partners

Nash & Co

Slater & Gordon

With six finalists all shortlisted in recognition of the quality of their legal work in often highly complex cases, as well as the levels of client support they demonstrate, judges praised the levels of commitment and excellent outcomes evidenced from each. 

However, the stand-out name in this category was Stewarts, in recognition of the impressive outcomes secured for clients, the creation of its Onward patient support service, and efforts to support the wellbeing of its team. 

Daniel Thomas, managing director of category sponsor Chroma, said: “The quality of entries was very high, with some great examples of dedication to clients, but three really stood out. 

“I’m delighted that Stewarts Law has become the inaugural winner of the Law Firm of the Year. 

“By presenting them with this award, we wanted to celebrate and recognise the importance of their approach to staff wellbeing and resilience; limiting solicitors to only ten to 12 cases at a time. We also wanted to highlight how they had an impressive average award per client despite or because of their wellbeing approach. 

“Finally, in their submission, Stewarts Law showed an impressive commitment to pro bono work, including their Onward service.”

CASE MANAGEMENT FIRM OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Morrello Clinics

Winner - West Country Case Management

Highly commended - Corporé

Commended - HCML

Shortlisted - Breakthrough Case Management

Circle Case Management

Emma Way Associates 

Enable Therapy Services

Maia Rehabilitation

The eight-strong shortlist was drawn up in recognition of clear examples of commitment to clients and in enabling them to explore all possibilities in making the best possible recovery. The ability to work collaboratively in achieving this, for the benefit of the client and development of case management more widely, was also demonstrated. 

The stand-out name was Westcountry Case Management, in recognition of its clearly-evidenced person-centred approach, which even enabled ten clients to go on holiday to destinations of their choice, showing the levels of dedication from the team in achieving this. 

Jakko Brouwers, director of Morrello Clinics, was the judge from the category sponsor. 

“It was stressful but a great experience to be asked to judge this category,” he said. 

“The quality of the entries was high and the nominations included very diverse aspects of case management as well as good governance and staff welfare. It was a tight field with a few of the entries standing out above the rest.

“The winner of this year’s award clearly demonstrated how they go the extra mile in support of their clients and their families. Their drive to involve clients in co-production of care and rehabilitation plans as well as finding ways to arrange family holidays really helped to transform the lives of many of their clients.”

CARE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Embrace HR

Winner - BIS Services

Commended - South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

Shortlisted - Cygnet

Elysium Healthcare

Kibblesworth Centre - part of Active Care Group

Richardson Care

Six services were shortlisted for this award, in recognition of the quality and diversity of support delivered, to patients as well as families and staff. 

Judged praised the quality seen across the board, but one name emerged as being truly stand-out in terms of its service delivery and ongoing training and development of staff. 

BIS Services showed clear evidence of a highly-skilled workforce, with ongoing opportunities for training and development, with a focus on the quality of support for clients. Its BIS Lodge, a ‘home from home’ for service users, was also highlighted as a key component in its offering. 

Cecily Lalloo, managing director of category sponsor Embrace HR and part of the judging panel for this award, said: “We are all well aware of the challenges in recruiting and particularly retaining people in this field, so as well as the quality of the service, the focus on staff was also prioritised. 

“The focus from BIS Services on training and the wellbeing of their team was clearly demonstrated and outstanding in this category, and alongside clear evidence of client support, their holiday home is an excellent feature in their offering.”

THERAPY PROVIDER OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Irwin Mitchell

Winner - Clarity Psychology

Highly commended - BIS Services

Commended - CHD Rehab

Shortlisted - Ariya Neurocare

Psychworks Associates 



Enable Therapy Services

East Coast Community 

Iris Care Group

Morrello Clinics


Reach Personal Injury

Remedy Healthcare

Think Therapy 1st

The extensive shortlist in this category was reflective of the quality of submissions and the excellent practice being seen across all branches of therapy. While judges said there were a number of very high quality entries, three were singled out, with the top two being particularly strong. 

Clarity Psychology was judged to be the winner through its clearly-demonstrated commitment to person-centred support, with a focus on their own identity being at the heart of everything the team does. 

Lynne Carrick-Leary, senior business development manager at Irwin Mitchell, was the category sponsor’s representative on the judging panel. 

“It was wonderful to see the high calibre of submissions and the many different support therapies available for the brain and spinal community. The wealth of knowledge and the innovative services showcased are truly inspiring,” she said. 

“The judging process was undoubtedly challenging, given the exceptional quality of the submissions. However, Clarity Psychology stood out with their emphasis on the identity of their BIS Services showed clear evidence of a highly-skilled workforce, with ongoing opportunities for training and development, with a focus on the quality of support for clients. Its BIS Lodge, a ‘home from home’ for service users, was also highlighted as a key component in its offering. 

Cecily Lalloo, managing director of category sponsor Embrace HR and part of the judging panel for this award, said: “We are all well aware of the challenges in recruiting and particularly retaining people in this field, so as well as the quality of the service, the focus on staff was also prioritised. 

“The focus from BIS Services on training and the wellbeing of their team was clearly demonstrated and outstanding in this category, and alongside clear evidence of client support, their holiday home is an excellent feature in their offering.”

INNOVATION IN NEURO-REHAB - sponsored by Iris Care Group

Winner - Children's Trust 

Highly commended - Richardson Care

Shortlisted - BES Healthcare

BIS Services

BPM Rehab


Lusio Rehab

Neural Pathways 

Social Return Case Management

VIM Health

Nine organisations were shortlisted in recognition of their willingness to embrace innovation and embed forward-thinking and often sector-leading practices into their service, for the benefit of patients and families. 

Innovation was demonstrated in a variety of ways, comprising events, use of technology, new approaches to client work - making this a particularly varied category to judge. 

However, the work of The Children’s Trust was deemed to be particularly innovative in the creation of its new Community Rehabilitation Service, which will support children and families after head injury. 

Janine Strange, group commercial director for category sponsor Iris Care Group, was among the judging panel. 

“It’s absolutely vital we all embrace innovation, and there were some really great examples of how that is put into practice in these submissions,” she said. 

“The Children’s Trust clearly demonstrated that in their approach, and how they are bringing together digital information, virtual consultation and community rehabilitation to create a service that could easily become scaleable in the vital area of child head injury.”

RESEARCH PROJECT - sponsored by Askham Rehab

Winner - Dr Adrian Parry-Jones, University of Manchester

Commended - Dr Alyson Norman, Plymouth University

Shortlisted - St Andrew’s Healthcare

Tisch MS Centre, New York

Four outstanding pieces of research was shortlisted for this award, all of which address key areas of neuro-rehab and patient need. 

Judges praised the personal commitment of the researchers in advancing knowledge and raising awareness in their specialist areas, which will in itself help to change the future. 

But it was the work of Dr Adrian Parry-Jones in the treatment of brain haemorrhage that was deemed to be truly outstanding, with the launch of the ABC Care Bundle at Salford Royal Hospital reducing mortality at the one-month mark by ten per cent. 

Aliyyah-Begum Nasser, director of Askham Village Community - of which Askham Rehab is part - was part of the judging panel. 

“With so much innovation in the space, patients stand to benefit enormously from pioneering ideas, equipment and approaches,” she said. 

“But it’s important that any innovation is supported by appropriate research to ensure it is not only safe but also effective for any user.

“The work of Dr Parry-Jones shows good evidence-based practice, piloting in one area before scaling up once outcomes had been achieved.”

REHAB OUTCOME OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Elysium Neurological Services

Winner - St. George's Hospital (Wolfson Hyperacute TBI service)

Highly commended - Neurokinex

Commended - Breakthrough Case Management

Shortlisted - Calvert Reconnections


Circle Case Management

East Coast Community


Neural Pathways


Reach Personal Injury

St Andrew’s Healthcare

Another lengthy shortlist, judges praised the variety of approaches and quality of practice and teamwork seen in achieving outstanding outcomes for patients. 

The teamwork aspect was key in deciding on a winner, with the breadth and cross-working between services within the Wolfson Hyperacute TBI Service making it a standout entry. 

The outcomes secured by Neurokinex in the case of a very young child, who had benefited from transformational support in moving on with their life, and in the support of former soldier and now world-leading adaptive athlete Tom Green by Breakthrough Case Management. 

Sheila Manisier, business development director (neuro) at Elysium Healthcare, was among the judging panel for this award. 

“Outcomes in rehabilitation are critical from the clinician’s perspective to know how well their programmes and rehabilitation techniques have worked and to inform future clinical developments but, they are equally, if not more important, for the person going through rehabilitation so they can measure how far they have come and what they would like to achieve next,” she said.  

“The entries in this category were absolutely outstanding and showcase the high level of commitment and achievement from clinical staff and the patients themselves. 

“It was a very difficult task to choose a winner as every person’s story was so deserving in its own right. Everyone shortlisted could have been the winner.”

REMOTE REHAB INITIATIVE - sponsored by Think Therapy 1st

Winner - Enable Therapy Services

Highly commended - REHABILITY

Commended - Children's Trust 

Shortlisted - LEGS

Lusio Rehab


Six initiatives which embraced the power and potential of remote rehabilitation in a variety of different ways were shortlisted. 

Building on the opportunities created during the pandemic period in new levels of acceptance of home-based rehab, judges praised the entrants for the creative and engaging ways in which they delivered care and support remotely. 

The standout name was deemed to be Enable Therapy Services and the application of its post-concussion assessment. 

Steph Fleet, head of service development and customer relationships at Think Therapy 1st, was one of the judges. 

“There has been a really positive move towards devising innovative methods to meet clients needs across neuro-rehab, and this award is very important in showcasing some of the great work in achieving this,” she said. 

“The assessment programme delivered by Enable Therapy Services is very robust and comprehensive, and will undoubtedly enable so many more people to access rehab, and is a great example of what can be achieved remotely.”

CHARITY OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Reach

Winner - Child Brain Injury Trust

Highly commended - Spinal Injuries Association

Commended - Headway Derby  and  Headway Worcester

Shortlisted - Headway Salford

Huntington’s Disease Association


Natalie Kate Moss Trust

Pink Concussions

St Andrew’s Healthcare

Ten charities made the shortlist of this award, with judges highlighting the highly impressive contribution being made by each entrant, whatever scale they work on - be that locally, nationally or internationally. 

But it was the work of the Child Brain Injury Trust that really stood out, with the breadth of support, continual innovation and strong and developing relationships with stakeholders highlighted as being particularly important here. 

The Spinal Injuries Association was also hailed for its clear goals and strategy behind achieving them, and two Headway groups were praised for the impact they make on the ground in their respective communities. 

Heather Batey, founder and managing director of Reach, was among the judging panel for this category. 

“Judging a category like this is a privilege, but also a very difficult task as every entrant is making such a positive difference to the lives of individuals and their families - it was not an easy one to judge,” says Heather. 

“However, the four charities we have chosen for recognition are really excelling in provision both locally and on a wider scale. The Child Brain Injury Trust probably ticks every box you’d hope for in a charity - collaboration, education, training, innovation, engaging all stakeholders in fundraising, and always thinking outside the box to develop things further - and is a very worthy winner of NR Times Charity of the Year.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD - sponsored by BIS Services

Winner - Carol Adcock, Spinal Injuries Association

Highly commended - Emily Shaw, CHD Rehab

Commended - Pink Concussions

Shortlisted - Calvert Reconnections

Circle Case Management



Eagles Wings Consultancy


Dr Keith Jenkins, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Ten individuals and organisations were shortlisted in this category, in recognition of them far exceeding the remit of their role to make a difference to people’s lives. 

Judges commented on how difficult the choice was between those working in such varied roles across the spectrum of neuro-rehab - and said those in the top two were particularly outstanding. 

The winner was chosen as Carol Adcock, whose work in supporting people with spinal injuries and longstanding dedication to making change was deemed as truly life-changing and genuinely ‘above and beyond’. 

Natalie Mackenzie, director of BIS Services, who was part of the judging panel as category sponsor, said: “This was such a hard decision. So many people go above and beyond in their roles, but we were looking for those who truly excel. 

“Carol is a very worthy winner and her dedication to making change to patients’ lives is way beyond the scope of her role.”


Winner - Darran, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Highly commended - TBI OneLove

Commended - Ian Pearce, NeuroProactive

Shortlisted - Professor Nick Alderman, Elysium Healthcare

Dr Vincent Harding, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Jennifer Rudd, JRCMS

Social Return

This category was described as being particularly hard to judge, with an array of outstanding professional achievements alongside deeply personal motivations. 

Winner Darran has overcome huge challenges in his life, including the loss of his son and a suicide attempt, and since his diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease, he works tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition and its impact. 

Suzie Kenyon-Tilley from category sponsor TRU Rehab was among the judges. 

“This was such a difficult category to judge with so much dedication and truly outstanding impact seen in the entries - but Darran’s story and the contribution he makes to the lives of others is truly inspirational,” she said. 

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - REHAB LEADER OF THE YEAR - sponsored by Breakthrough Case Management 

WINNER - Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence

This category was decided entirely by public vote, with judges selecting a 13-strong shortlist. 

Hundreds of votes were received and all 13 on the list received significant numbers of votes - but our winner was chosen by a clear margin. 

Zen Koh, as co-founder of Fourier Intelligence, has become a globally-renowned name in rehab tech, devising some of the most innovative robotic devices available which are transforming the lives and rehab potential of patients around the world. 

Committed to improving patient outcomes, and in uniting the global rehab tech sector in doing so, Zen plays a central role in the development of the industry internationally. 

As President of the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART) and named among the Top 40 Under 40 Future Most Influential Leaders in MedTech, Zen’s global impact continues to be seen and felt by those working in rehab tech and throughout the world of neuro-rehab. 

LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION - Professor Nick Alderman 

Professor Alderman has worked in neurobehavioural rehabilitation for 40 years and is hailed by professional peers for his “unparalleled vision and unending determination” to advance best practice in this area of work. 

He has led the development of specific outcome measures for use in neurobehavioural rehab services, which have transformed the way in which outcomes are measured and compared, including the esteemed and widely used SASNOS measure. 

Prof Alderman holds professor roles at two UK universities, is clinical director of neurobehavioural rehabilitations services at Elysium Healthcare, and has also been awarded a Fellowship of the British Psychological Society in recognition of his contribution to this very specialist field. 

His impact across treatment innovation, service development, leadership, research, publications and teaching across the past four decades is described by colleagues as being “immense” - making Prof Alderman the first recipient of the NR Times Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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